Privacy Policy

KIOXIA Asia, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), guided by its Basic Commitment and Standards of Conduct, engages in business activities that allow it to contribute to society, to earn the trust of all of its customers, and to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

The Company recognizes that the personal information received from stakeholders in the course of business activities is an important asset of each stakeholder, and also an important asset for the Company as a source that contributes to the creation of new value, and provides appropriate protection for personal information in accordance with the following Basic Policy.

1. Basic Policy

1.1 The Company complies strictly with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“the Ordinance”) and takes all practicable steps to ensure that all personal data received by the Company would be kept confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Principles set out in the Ordinance and KIOXIA  Corporation’s privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “KIOXIA ”) set forth in this web site as far as it is applicable in Hong Kong.

1.2     The Company has formulated Regulations on Personal Information Protection, and carefully implements and maintains and strives to continually improve its management system for personal information protection.

1.3    The Company has established a management framework for the protection of personal information that includes assigning a responsible person in all divisions that handle personal information, and ensuring that all company officers and employees recognize the importance of and act in full compliance with the Ordinance.

1.4    The Company utilizes personal information to provide services to customers within the scope of use that is clearly communicated to each customer, and takes measures to prevent its use beyond that scope. The Company does not disclose or provide personal information obtained from customers to any third party without the express consent of the customer who provided the personal information, or unless there is a legitimate reason for such disclosure under the Ordinance.

1.5    The Company maintains accurate, up-to-date personal information, and makes all required efforts to prevent unauthorized access to such personal information, as well as any leakage, loss or damage of the same, and continually enhances and remediates information security.

1.6 The Company responds promptly and with good faith to inquiries and requests from customers in respect of their personal information and its disclosure.

This Basic Policy applies to personal information held by the Company in Hong Kong. Please confirm details of the privacy policies of KIOXIA in Japan and of its overseas subsidiaries by contacting those companies directly.

2.Intended Use of Personal Information

The main area of business in which The Company makes use of personal information is the semiconductor memory business.]

Stakeholders and/or customers (hereinafter referred to as “data subject”) may be invited and/or required to provide personal information to the Company.  Personal information means any data relating directly or indirectly to a living individual; from which it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be directly or indirectly ascertained and in a form in which access to or processing of the data is practicable.  Thus, personal information may include name, telephone number, mailing address or e-mail address of an individual.

When the Company obtains personal information from data subject, the Company would indicate in advance the intended scope and purpose of use of the personal information, and makes use of the provided information within that stated scope and purpose of use.  In the event that a need arises to use a data subject's personal information for any purpose that goes beyond the stated scope and purpose, the Company would notify the data subject to that effect, and would obtain the data subject's consent before making such use of the information.  

The Company uses personal information entrusted to it by other companies only within the terms of the contract that it enters into with those companies.

With respects to the intended use of the personal information held by Company, please refer to the page below under the heading of “Intended Use of Personal Data”.

3.Provision of Personal Information

3.1 All the data collected will be kept confidential and the Company will take every practicable step to ensure that the data are protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use.  
3.2    The Company does not disclose customers' personal information to third parties other than in the following cases.
    3.2.1 When the customer has given prior consent to such disclosure
    3.2.2 When required to do so in order to comply with laws and regulations
    3.2.3 When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the data subject3.2.4  When the Company consigns the handling of personal information to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose of use
    3.2.5 When another entity succeeds to the Company’s business as the result of a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business or other reason
    3.2.6 When it is deemed that a customer inquiry in respect of a product, repair or other service can be more appropriately dealt with by the Company’s affiliate or distributor, the data subject's name, address, telephone number and other information will be provided to the affiliate or distributor, with the prior consent of the data subject.

4.Procedures for Requests for Disclosure

The Company responds to the following data subject’s requests in respect of the data subject's personal information held by Company: 1) Requests for disclosure; 2) Requests for notification of the intended purpose; 3) Requests for correction; 4) Requests for addition; 5) Requests for deletion; and 6) Requests for cessation of use or cessation of disclosure to third parties. Please contact us if you require further information on the details of the request procedures.

5.Inquiries Concerning Personal information

5.1 Customers should direct enquiries and complaints concerning their own personal information to the department that received and registered the personal information.
5.2 Please contact the Company if you have any inquiries concerning this privacy policy, or if you are uncertain which department received and registered your personal information.

6.Request to Children under 16 years of Age

Children under 16 years who provide personal information to the Company should do so only after obtaining the consent of his/her parent or guardian.

7.Notice regarding Web page sites Operated by The Company

7.1 Management method
All personal information on customers that is registered on this page operated by The Company is handled in strict compliance with the Ordinance . The Ordinance may differ from laws and regulations that apply in countries and regions where customers reside. In accordance with the laws of Japan and the United States, customer information may be subject to disclosure requests by administrative agencies, law courts and other law enforcement agencies in Japan and the United States.
Personal information is managed and handled in accordance with The Company’s privacy policy on personal information. Customers making use of this website are required to read and agree to this privacy policy.
7.2 Collection of personal information
When customers using services offered by The Company have given prior agreement to cooperation with an external service managed by a third party, based on the scope of content agreed at the time such permission was granted, The Company will receive the customer’s personal information from the external service.
7.3 Intended uses
Personal information may be used for the purposes of distributing mail magazines; sharing information on current and new KIOXIA products; providing information on seminars and exhibitions; conducting surveys; marketing activities, confirming and responding to customer enquiries; and to maintain records related to the foregoing. Based on personal information received, responsible persons at The Company may contact customers in connection with use for the abovementioned purposes.
In addition to the foregoing, The Company may also use personal information that customers have registered on this  websites in combination with their browsing history on those websites.
Please note that some services provided by The Company (including website services operated by KIOXIA) may not be available to customers if they do not provide personal information.
7.4 Communication Encryption
Transmission of personal information provided by customers is protected by encryption technologies that include SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Access to this  websites may not be possible with a browser that does not support SSL or TLS, etc.
7.5 Outsourcing of handling of personal information
All or part of the handling of personal information may be outsourced, to the extent necessary for carrying out the purposes mentioned in this website.
7.6 Provision of Personal information
Personal information of customers registered on The Company  websites is shared within KIOXIA, with KIOXIA Group affiliated companies, including but not limited to the Company, and with our business partners, etc. In addition, personal information of customers that is shared by KIOXIA, KIOXIA group affiliated companies and business partners, etc., will be stored and used in the countries and regions where business and sales are conducted.
7.7 Contact Support
The Company responds to inquiries by e-mail. Notwithstanding this, depending on the content, there are also cases where replies may be made in writing or by telephone or facsimile. Please understand that The Company may not be able to reply to enquiries from companies in the same industry.
Customers are also asked to understand that there may be cases where The Company is unable to reply to inquiries seeking the repair of products sold as part of a set; in such cases, the first point of contact is the set maker. The Company cannot respond immediately to inquiries received on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the New Year holidays and The Company’s own holidays. A response will be made on the next business day or after.
7.8 Use of cookies and web beacons
KIOXIA uses cookies and web beacons in order to provide better services on its websites.
    7.8.1 Use of cookies
    A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to your device for the purpose of keeping records. It identifies your device, typically your web browser, but it cannot identify you as an individual.
Cookies necessary for a personalized user experience remember your preferences (e.g. language used) as well as your activities (e.g. login status) on our website, while other cookies provide enhanced functionality, gather analytical data to improve performance, enable us or our Adtech partners to deliver personalized advertisements by tracking you across the internet.
You can choose whether to allow us or third-parties (our Adtech partners) to set cookies which are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website via the cookie banner and settings provided on the individual websites (available where legally required).
    Cookie Settingsmodal

  • 7.8.2 Use of Web Beacons

    Web beacons (clear GIF) are a technology that uses GIF files and scripts to capture the status of access from your computer, and to get statistics on the usage rate of specific web pages. Use of web beacons together with the above mentioned cookies makes it possible to obtain detailed statistical information. KIOXIA websites use technologies such as web beacons for the purpose of obtaining statistical information that can be used to improve the websites. By adjusting browser settings customers can refuse to accept cookies and/or display warnings when they receive cookies. In such cases, the web beacon recognizes the access status, but KIOXIA does not collect any of the customer’s personal information via the web beacon.
7.9 Notes for Links
The Company bears no responsibility for the security of customers’ personal information used on third party websites linked to from The Company websites. Please confirm the privacy policies of linked websites operated by other companies.


8.Information on important changes and notices

The Company posts details of important changes to and notices on personal information protection in the Announcements section.


The Company may revise the Personal Information Protection Policy from time to time, in order to better protect customers' personal information and to comply with changes in the Ordinance.

10.“Contact Us” on Personal information Protection

Please contact us if you have any inquiries in respect of personal information protection.

Intended Use of Personal Data

The Company uses personal information provided by customers and other individuals for the business activities of the Company and/or KIOXIA, including but not limited to the following purposes:

1) Personal information related to customers

    a) Shipment of products
    b) Provision of information on products, services and events
    c) Provision of product support or maintenance
    d) Responses to inquiries and requests for consultation
    e) Issue of warranty cards and provision of in-warranty service
    f) Provision of membership services
    g) Product development, conducting questionnaire-based surveys, implementing monitoring
    h) Performance of contracts
    i) Business negotiations and meetings with customers

2) Personal information related to shareholders

    a) Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligations under laws and regulations
    b) Provisions made for shareholders (shareholder benefit programs, etc.)
    c) Implementation of measures related to shareholders (surveys, etc.)
    d) Shareholder management required by laws and regulations (preparation of shareholder data, etc.)

3) Personal information related to government officials and civil servants

    Contacts with, reports and inquiries, etc., to the competent authorities required for the execution of business

4) Personal information related to business partners and officers and employees of other companies

    a) Contacts, discussions and the like required for the execution of business
    b) Management of information on business partners and processing of payments and receipts by The Company

5) Personal information received under contracts with business partners

   Performance of outsourcing contract

6) Personal information on applicants for employment

    a) Contacts with and provision of recruitment information to applicants for employment (including internships)
    b) Recruitment management at The Company
With respect to 3) and 4) above, personal information may be obtained through commercially available lists of the relevant personnel.
With respect to 5) above, the personal information is not, in principle, subject to disclosure.

The End


此中文條款為英文版本譯本,如中、英文兩個版本有任何抵觸或不相符之處,應以英文版本為準 。

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本公司認識到,在業務活動中從利益相關者那裡獲得的個人信息是每個利益相關者的重要資產,也是本公司作為有助於創造新價值的來源的重要資產,並為個人提供了適當的保護。 信息,請遵循以下基本政策。


1.1本公司嚴格遵守《香港個人資料(私隱)條例》(第2章)。 《香港特別行政區法律》(以下簡稱“條例”)第486條,並採取所有切實可行的步驟,以確保根據該條例和KIOXIA Corporation (以下簡稱“ KIOXIA”) 的《數據保護原則》對本公司收到的所有個人數據保密。本網站中規定的適用於香港的私隱政策。















對於本公司持有的有關數據主體的個人信息,本公司回應以下數據主體的請求:1)披露要求; 2)要求通知預期目的; 3)要求更正; 4)要求增加; 5)刪除請求; 6)要求停止使用或停止向第三方披露。 如果您需要有關請求程序詳細信息的更多信息,請與我們聯繫。






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9. 政策修訂