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KIOXIA FL6 系列是雙埠 PCIe® 4.0/NVMe™ 固態硬碟,為講究回應速度的應用提供出色的系統效能和低延遲。此系列非常適用於企業和超大規模資料中心應用,例如分層儲存環境中的伺服器緩存、寫入記錄和讀/寫緩存。

FL6 系列採用 KIOXIA XL-FLASH 儲存級記憶體 (SCM),可彌補 DRAM 和 NAND 快閃記憶體之間的效能差距。提供 60 DWPD (每日磁碟寫入量) 的耐用性,以及最高 150 萬隨機讀取 IOPS、40 萬隨機寫入 IOPS 的效能,加上 29 μs 的讀取延遲和 8 μs 的寫入延遲。



  • PCIe® 4.0,符合 NVMe™ 1.4 規格
  • 60 DWPD 的耐用性和 800 GB 至 3,200 GB 的容量
  • 外型規格: 2.5 吋,垂直高度 15mm
  • KIOXIA XL-FLASH 為 96 層 BiCS FLASH™ 3D 快閃記憶體,採用每單元 1 位元的 SLC 技術,適用於高速讀取和寫入應用
  • 符合 SFF-TA-1001 (U.3)
  • 雙埠設計,適合高可用性應用
  • 高效能搭配 29 μs(讀取延遲)和 8 μs(寫入延遲)的低延遲
  • 第 6 代晶片錯誤校正與雙重奇偶較驗
  • 斷電保護 (PLP) 及端對端資料保護
  • 適用於全天候運作的企業工作負載量
  • 加密選項:SIE、SED (TCG Opal/Ruby)、FIPS 140-2[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]


  • 企業和大型資料中心伺服器緩存和寫入記錄
  • 分層儲存環境中的讀/寫緩存


* 表格可水平捲動。

Base Model NumberKFL61HUL3T20KFL61HUL1T60KFL61HUL800G
Capacity3,200 GB1,600 GB800 GB
Basic Specifications
Form Factor2.5-inch, 15mm thickness
lnterfacePCIe® 4.0, NVMe™ 1.4
Maximum Interface Speed64 GT/s (PCIe® Gen4 single x4, dual x2)
Flash Memory TypeXL-FLASH™
Performance (Up to)
Sustained 128 KiB Sequential Read6,200 MB/s
Sustained 128 KiB Sequential Write6,200 MB/s
Sustained 4 KiB Random Read1,500K IOPS1,480K IOPS
Sustained 4 KiB Random Write400K IOPS380K IOPS360K IOPS
Power Requirements
Supply Voltage12 V ± 10 %, 3.3 V ± 15 %
Power Consumption (Active)19 W typ.16 W typ.14 W typ.
Power Consumption (Ready)5 W typ.
MTTF2,500,000 hours
Warranty5 years
Thickness15.0 mm +0 / -0.5 mm
Width69.85 mm ± 0.25 mm
Length100.45 mm Max
Weight130 g Max
Temperature (Operating)0 ℃ to 70 ℃
Temperature (Non-operating)-40 ℃ to 80 ℃
Humidity (Operating)5 % to 95 % R.H.
Vibration (Operating)21.27 m/s2 { 2.17 Grms } ( 5 to 800 Hz )
Shock (Operating)9.8 km/s2 { 1,000 G } ( 0.5 ms )
  • Product image may represent a design model.
  • Definition of capacity: KIOXIA Corporation defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes, a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes and a terabyte (TB) as 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity using powers of 2 for the definition of 1 GB = 2^30 = 1,073,741,824 bytes and therefore shows less storage capacity. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system, and/or pre-installed software applications, or media content. Actual formatted capacity may vary.
  • GT/s: Giga Transfers per second.
  • A kibibyte (KiB) means 2^10, or 1,024 bytes.
  • MTTF (Mean Time to Failure) is not a guarantee or estimate of product life; it is a statistical value related to mean failure rates for a large number of products which may not accurately reflect actual operation. Actual operating life of the product may be different from the MTTF.
  • DWPD: Drive Writes Per Day. One full drive write per day means the drive can be written and re-written to full capacity once a day every day for the specified lifetime. Actual results may vary due to system configuration, usage and other factors.
  • Read and write speed may vary depending on various factors such as host devices, software (drivers, OS etc.), and read/write conditions.
  • IOPS: Input Output Per Second (or the number of I/O operations per second).
  • [1] Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE), Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) SED security optional models are available.
  • [2] SIE optional model supports Crypto Erase, which is a standardized feature defined by the technical committees (SCSI) of INCITS (the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards).
  • [3] SED optional model supports TCG Opal and Ruby SSCs. It has a few unsupported features of TCG Opal SSC. For more details, please make inquiries through “Contact us”.
  • [4] FIPS SED optional model utilizes a security module designed to comply with FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-3, which define security requirements for cryptographic module by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). For the latest validation status, please make inquiries through “Contact us”.
  • [5] Security optional models are not available in all countries due to export and local regulations.
  • PCIe is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG.
  • NVMe is a registered or unregistered mark of NVM Express, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
  • Other company names, product names, and service names may be trademarks of third-party companies.



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